Can You Relate?

Have you ever looked at your camera settings and thought, “What is it these functions actually do?”. Have you tried switching your cameras settings around to figure out how the different modes work?  Do you keep telling yourself one day you are going to try to figure out what those settings actually do? I know that feeling and I want to help.


What You Will Learn About In Our Beginners Photography Course:


Will cover basic shooting modes and how they work, ISO, and the Exposure Triangle and how to use available light.


We will get you out of your cameras automatic mode and start to use your camera to its full potential


We will spend roughly one to two hours with a model working on lighting and composition, with real time guidance on how to adjust your settings.

The Beginners Photography Course is designed to get you out of automatic mode.    I have designed this course to specifically teach you about your specific camera's settings and how to use available light to get the pictures you want!

Learn How To Use Your Cameras Functions

When I purchased my first camera, I wanted to learn what all the buttons did.  A little frustration later, I was back to taking pictures on Auto.  I wish I had someone to help me understand what I was doing.  It’s really hard to try and put together what it all means, sometimes more so when you are looking at manual. Meanwhile, there is so much information on Google, it’s quite overwhelming to dig through it all! I designed this photography course to make it easy for you to understand!

This course would make a perfect gift

for someone who wants to take

better photos of their children


If you want to  learn how to use  your camera, or even just how to take better pictures of your children, then this is a great course for you. To book your place on our photography course, sign up below and we answer any questions you may have! We look forward to working with you!

Interested but need a little more information before signing up?  Get in touch here and I will be in touch.